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VTS on the Go

In today's busy routine, no one has the time to reach out for the laptop and see the state of the his vehicles. VTS on the Go provides an easy solution to this problem.

VTS on the Go, as the name suggests is an application which is useful for viewing your vehicles around the globe on your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere. This applcation is available for most of the smartphones available in the market. The application is installed on our registered user's phone and in a few seconds the user is able to track all his devices.

The bewitching feature about this application is that one does not need to login into his account to monitor his vehicles. The smart intelligence of the application detects your account on the basis of IMEI of the phone and as soon as you run the application, you are in full control of your vehicles.

Note: To download the application you need to be a premium user of "AnyGPS-Vehicle Monitoring system". If you are not a member of this "AnyGPS" community please click here  to register.

The premium users can fill out the details below and download the application for their mobile.

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e-mail ID
IMEI of mobile
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