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Mobile phone based field resource monitoring and soil sample and crop sample information collection has become a very important tool for the farmers of Majalgaon, Maharashtra. We provided this solution to these farmers through JMSIL (Jai Mahesh Sugar Industries Ltd.). Farmers had a big problem in monitoring few of the field agricultural activities and those results into the failure of crop or low quality cane production and following to that the impact goes on the sugar production.

JMSIL has asked us the solution to solve such problems. We distributed 100 mobile phones among farmers and Sugar factory workers and after that it was easy to monitor their work and effectiveness.

  Control Room Guidance to Farmers: Farmers take a picture of the soil and the Crop, time to time which gets automatically uploaded on the server of Sugar Mill control room. Farmers also send the soil parameters information, through phones, the moisture level and acidity level. Control Provides a timely guidelines to Farmers to start various agricultural processes.

  Crop Status Reporting: Farmers take the Crop Field Photographs and video are periodically which gets automatically uploaded on the server of control room. Control Room staffs do a constant monitoring of such status update.

  Spraying a Anti-Bacterial Chemical in a large field area : Now its easy to check whether the chemical was sprayed in entire field or not by this mobile based data collection. The mobile sends the complete movement of the person who is spraying this chemical and the farmer gets assurance through control room that the work done completely.

  Monitoring various field activities: At the time of crop cutting activities, Supervisors notify the control room, how many workers are deployed at the field and what the rate of cane availability. Real Time Photographs and Videos, gives a clear picture to the control room about the availability of cane at right time. Earlier Supervisors used to give wrong information about the number of people used in crop cutting, sometime the supervisors do not visit the field daily which impacts the efficiency of the system and the availability of cane at Sugar mill at right time. All such hassles are now avoided.

  Sugar Cane Delivery to Sugar Mills: Farmers carry the phone with them at the time of cane delivery. The provides the love location of farmers in real time and which helps the control room to manage the delivery schedule to avoid any congestion at the Sugar Mills. The system is well appreciated by Majalgaon farmers and it has reduced lots of hassle of Sugar factory owners too. Its easy to monitor the crop cutting activities and delivery schedules. This ensures a continuous execution of factory activities. Even one hr stop of Sugar factory ends up in huge losses for factory owners, so efficient monitoring and tracking of such activities ensure the continuous show.