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Heuristics products are one of the best architected solutions in GPS domain. Its been evolved fater years if research and deevelopment activities.
Our vision is to track every GPS device on this server and provide excellent fleet management solutions those are required beyond tracking.
Tracking is only a primary aspect for any such solution, We realised that most of the industries do need GPS services but as a solution that could directly impact their top line revenue. AnyGPS works behind this idealogy.
There are more than 200 types of GPS devices available in the market. Their cost varies depending on their feature set. In fact, not every customers wants all the features of such devices and they always want a curtailed/customised h/w – s/w solution so that a effective ROI can be achieved while deploying such solution to their respective domains.
We enable our partners to choose any GPS Tracking device and while proposing the solution to the end customers they can keep in mind the effective ROI.
We provide all these solution through SaaS model (Software as a Service).
AnyGPS allows you to start your own tracking business without needing to make investments in software development. you get not only the GPS tracking software but also the free-of-charge and time-unlimited technical support, the assistance in software customization and the guidelines on how to operate the software. Among other benefits it provides you a platform for your ideas and creativities. “AnyGPS” is used by 143 companies that provide GPS tracking services to tthousands of users simultaneously.


  AnyGPS:-Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management.
  AnyMobile:– Mobile Tracking System.
  Hanuman-Advance CDR Analysis Software.
  Kavach-Data encryption.
  Chakshu–GPRS/3G Camera Monitoring Server/ Surveillance Software.

Start your own GPS Tracking Business with Just $99 /month investment.