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"AnyMobile"-Mobile Tracking and Field Force Management.

AnyMobile is a revolutionary product which lets you track and monitor your field force in the best possible way. This product is a web based solution which is capable of tracking over 2500 types of mobile devices on various platforms such as android, Symbian and Windows.
There are many other solutions available in market who claim to provide all the mobile monitoring facilities but there are a few simple reasons why to choose "AnyMobile" over any other solution available in the market.
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  AnyMobile lets you track your field force in a very efficient way by updating the location of the your officer
     every 30 seconds. The small time interval of 30 seconds makes sure that you are in touch with your field
     officer every moment.
  AnyMobile makes sure that you and your field officer are connected every moment. The Field officer can
     click multimedia from his phone and you can see the whole data on your "AnyMobile" portal.
  Geofence is another proud feature that AnyMobile posesses. If a field officer has to reach a specific
    location within a specified interval of time and has to stay there for some amount of time, the user can set
    these constraints for his field officer and get various reports including coverage, stoppage and deviation
    reports. Also, it has a option to look for multimedia clicked on a particular geofence.
  A user can also see whether his field officer is charging his phone or not. And he can also see if field officer
    switches off his phone intentionally.
  A user can also see various reports like average speed report, trip reports and total distance travelled

To use all these features, a premium user has to install Heuro-Mobile in his phone which is available for download here.