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Heuro Kavach

The cyber attack on the desktop of the top most India Investigation Agencies is very common, the cyber attack may lead to theft of highly confidential information in wrong hands and that could be misused. There are fare chances of physical loss/theft of portable medias viz. Portable USB HDD, USB Pen Drive, CD or DVDs and also the removable medias can be cyber attacked when used with systems connected with internet.

Heuro Kavach is indigenously developed data encryption solution offers solution for Desktop and removable medias viz. Portable USB HDD, USB Pen drive, CD or DVDs. The data protection of desktop and removable medias from physical theft by encrypting disk partitions or creating container files. Heuro Kavach create(s) partition(s) or container file(s) in the internal Hard Disk of the desktop and in removable medias which behaves like a virtual drive when opened using Heuro Kavach. The disk partition(s) or container file(s) will be accessible via dual password protected Heuro Kavach only.

Heuro Kavach provides advanced data security feature for desktop and removable medias from cyber theft by disabling Internet while working on any of the disk partition or container on your Desktop or removable medias. This unique feature prevents hackers to steal the confidential data from your Desktop or from removable medias when connected to the public network. Heuro Kavach prevents the user from accessing internet from the desktop or laptop till the time, the user is working on the secured area of the Desktop or removable device. This feature provides absolute data security from cyber attack.

Heuro Kavach allows fooling aggressors presenting fake data in the event you are ever forced to reveal the password. Heuro Kavach allows to create hidden containers/partitions for data hiding. When user enters correct password, the disk opens, if however you are forced to reveal a password, you could reveal a pre-configured 'fake' password and the disk will open showing fake, prepared information.

Main features:

  Highly Advance IT Protection Technology.
  512 bit dynamic data encryption.
  5-Layer Security System.
  Provides Desktop or removable medias data security from cyber theft by disconnecting internet while
    working on encrypted partition of the desktop or removable medias.
  No worry of data theft or misuse.

To protect any data stealing from USB Pendrives, USH HDD and Laptops, This is an award winning on the fly data encryption software which protects your confidential information automatically.

But why Should you choose this product?
  Your Pen Drive will be detected only on your laptop. No Body else can use that pen drive.
  You can make a hidden encrypted area in your pen drive that will be visible only When you connect the pen
     drive to your Laptop, If the same pen drive is connected with any other laptop that encrypted area will not
     be visible.

  Its very easy to use, So no software intelligence is required to protect your data.
  You can also physically sent the confidentual data through courier by a person to other places where you
     can ensure that the Pen Drive can be accssed only at From Laptop or to Destination Laptop.