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Hanuman-Advanced CDR Analysis Software.

Its an high end crime investigation software which is developed under the strong super vision of Sh. Loknath BEHER, IG, National Investigation Agency.
The software provide all kind of data analysis of Call Data Records, Its coprises two cataegory of analysis.
   CDR Analysis
   CELL Tower Dump Analysis.

Its only software available till time, which supports CDR/SDR/Cell Tower and different kind of data inputs analysis in a single integrated software.
All this analysis does support GIS Mapping , Location Based Visualization of the Call Data and Movement of a person during his telephonic conversation.
“Hanuman” Software is successfully used in different crime investigations and its very popular in police deptt. Its detail feature list is available only on request to only Police Deptt. and Investigation Agencies.

  Client/Server Based System.
  Auto Detection of Input Record Structure of CDR, Cell Tower CDR Dump, SDR, Cell Tower Address.
  Cell Tower Dump Data Analysis.
  Target Number CDR Data Analysis.
  Integration With Cell Tower Address.
  Integration With SDR Data.

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