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Heuristics provides solutions for field force automation which are useful in various fields. some of the solutions that we have provided to our clients are:
   e-Beat and e-Investigation Solutions.;
   Product Applied in Rural Applications (Agriculture)
   GPS Based Hidden Personal Tracking and Event Driven Mobile Video and Audio Recording

e-Beat Solution :

Security is always a prime concern for a peaceful society and business growth in a country. After 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack, it has been analyzed and found as a big problem in the police patrolling and beating system. Beat Operation is a very important activity of every police station. There are designated police officers in every police station and they are supposed to visit some sensitive points (Hospitals, Schools, Railway Station, Historical Monuments, Hotels, Temples etc.) regularly in every few hours. Beating is a continuous process and it is treated like a heartbeat of the body of the police department.

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e-Investigation Solution :

The same mobile phone used in e-beat solution can also used in investigation activities. Whenever there is a crime on Road, or Accident, an instant statement audio/video recording is done on the phone of all the people available on site and the same information automatically gets uploaded on the server instantly.

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Product Applied in Rural Applications (Agriculture):

Mobile phone based field resource monitoring and soil sample and crop sample information collection has become a very important tool for the farmers of Majalgaon, Maharashtra. We provided this solution to these farmers through JMSIL (Jai Mahesh Sugar Industries Ltd.). Farmers had a big problem in monitoring few of the field agricultural activities and those results into the failure of crop or low quality cane production and following to that the impact goes on the sugar production.

JMSIL has asked us the solution to solve such problems. We distributed 100 mobile phones among farmers and Sugar factory workers and after that it was easy to monitor their work and effectiveness.

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