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Security is always a prime concern for a peaceful society and business growth in a country. After 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack, it has been analyzed and found as a big problem in the police patrolling and beating system. Beat Operation is a very important activity of every police station. There are designated police officers in every police station and they are supposed to visit some sensitive points (Hospitals, Schools, Railway Station, Historical Monuments, Hotels, Temples etc.) regularly in every few hours. Beating is a continuous process and it is treated like a heartbeat of the body of the police department.

It was always a concern and very difficult to monitor the beat operation prior to our solution as the department would never get to know whether the designated police officer is doing his duty properly or not. Instant information of any such incident to police department is very important to take the reactive action. This weakness was widely observed during various terrorist attacks.

Heuristics worked with Punjab Police HQ. to provide them a method and apparatus to track the beat operation and to also improve their investigation system using mobile phones and server solution.

The system was launched by Mr. P.S GILL, DGP, Punjab on 6th January 2011 in Baradri Police Station, Jalandhar. It started first as a prototype in 5 cities of Punjab (Amritsar, Ludhiana, Mohali, Jalandhar, Chandigarh) and received great improvement in the beating operation.

After receiving the excellent improvement in beating system (improved by 85%) and feedback in first 3 month, the project is extended to another 7 cities.
Mr. R P Singh, ADGP, Traffic also shown great interest in this system and he took a lead to deploy the similar system for High way patrolling also.

Heuristics has also taken a lead to provide effective investigation tools to Indian Investigation Agencies like CBI, NIA, Police Deptt. Etc.

System generates automatically daily and weekly reports, which shows the beat operation efficiency. This report is sent on the email to all the Top management (DGP, ADGP, IG, AIG, SSP, SP, DSP etc.). Reports also give detail information, Police Station wise beat coverage, Personal Reports and Comparisons. It also suggests the improvements points to optimize the police staff for beat operation using all GIS information. Having GPS based police personnel tracking has also improved in the reaction time on any critical situation. The control room knows the location of their every field staff all the time