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Chitragupta-USB logger

Heuro USB Activities Logger ‘ChitraGupta’ is a small hidden application which keeps executing in the background of your system.
This application keeps an eye on your USB Ports and when ever any device gets connected in your system. It checks if the connected device is a Mass Storage Device (A Pen Drive, USB Hard Disk, a Memory Card or a Mobile Phone with Memory Card).
This application simply acts as a mediator between the USB Driver and the USB Device. This happens so smoothly that the users never get to know that his activity is under surveillance.
If the Laptop has a front end Camera then this application would also capture an image of the intruder and will keep it as a record in a hidden area.
Chitragupta is indigenously developed software using advance windows surveillance technology. It gives a strong mechanism to indentify the prospective intruder in your system.
When you cannot stop the access of a system to multiple users, at least you can keep an eye on the data activity of the system.

The detail information will be logged in a hidden area about the usage/insertion of any Pen drive, USB Hard disk in your systems. This includes information about
              The USB inserted.
              Memory of USB and its manufacturer.
              Date and Time of the suspicious activity.
              The Time duration for which the USB device was used.
              The complete log of the files copied.